Trinity Walk

Client: Simons Estates / Modu
Location: Wakefield
Trinity Walk is a £100 million new retail and mixed-use quarter in the historic heart of Wakefield. Its primary role is to encourage the people of Wakefield to shop in their own city, rather than commuting to Leeds or Sheffield, thereby bringing economic and environmental benefits.
Over a number of years we worked very closely with Local Authority Officers and local businesses, to develop a masterplan and layout that would be acceptable to all parties. In addition, our client appointed Arts organisation, BEAM, to carry out consultation exercise with the people of Wakefield, local schools and communities to seek their views and input.
The project incorporates a mix of uses, including city apartments, again encouraging a live/work balance. The layout is based upon the historic urban grain and endeavours to reconnect residential communities to the city centre, by down grading an urban ring road to a tree-lined boulevard and by creating new pedestrian connections. Cycling and walking are encouraged through a series of new pedestrianised public spaces and we have also designed a new, low-energy public library.

Trinity Walk Sketch

Trinity Walk Masterplan

Trinity Walk Plan