Forster Square

Client: Asda St James Ltd
Location: Bradford
The proposals for the scheme adjacent to Forster Square railway station transformed a poor quality car-park use into a Civic Trust award winning public square. Public art was high on the agenda from the early stages and the DLA team worked closely with the selected artist, Ian Randall, to ensure the cohesive integration of his concept into the overall proposals.
The concept for the scheme is very much related to the adjacent railway and uses stylised railway tracks - linking the ground plain and the vertical elements of the sculpture. The tracks twist and rise out of the ground creating a gateway to the City for passengers using the neighbouring railway station.
The sculpture successfully uses the space leading to and from the railway station. Two curvilinear pillars are constructed from old railway lines, which conjoin at the pillar top with fibre optic capsules, one blue and one green. The iron tracks radiate down and round the pillars out towards benches and old railway arches.
In between the tracks on the pillars a crazy paving effect extends into circular paved bases with pathways and tracks leading out into the City. Fibres has a progressive, even slightly futuristic prescience surrounding it.
The concept achieves successfully the notion of regeneration of the former railway site, together with a pathway to the City. At night 'Fibre' takes on a different form when the fibre optic threads are illuminated and the railway arches floodlit.

Forster Square Detail Photo

Forster Square Aerial Photo