Brewery Wharf

Client: Rushbond PLC
Location: Leeds
The Public Realm created at Brewery Wharf has greatly enhanced the character of the scheme and played an integral role in the impact this development has had.
The landscape proposals have breathed life into the public spaces surrounding the new buildings and gone a long way to encourage people back into this area of the city.
DLA Landscape and Urban Design developed an initial Urban Design Framework, produced in 1997, which helped to set the design principles, massing and location for the buildings and spaces at Brewery Wharf. This framework specifically reflected and responded to the site's relationship to its immediate environs and the wider City and has provided a strong foundation for the detailed design and delivery of six separate phases over the last 10 years.
As a brownfield site Brewery Wharf has transformed a once derelict part of the City into an extension of Leeds City centre. A large part of the land was remediated prior to development to remove the legacy of contaminants resulting from previous uses of the site.
Brewery Wharf Plan

Brewery Wharf Photo 1

Brewery Wharf Photo 2