SLANT is a not-for-profit organisation with their main aim to provide an opportunity to recognise, reward and promote contemporary works across the entire spectrum of design. They ran a competition called 'Testing the Water' and invited entrants to design a 'virtual space' with water as its central theme, but as with all SLANT competitions, the theme is open to interpretation. The central feature of all SLANT competitions is to be able to place your “virtual” plot anywhere in the world and in doing so, you are always designing in a geographical, topographical, climatic and cultural environment of your own choosing.
The entry into the SLANT design competition was led by Chris Hardy. His interpretation of the brief was 'Around the globe scientists are 'testing the water'.....Monitoring, recording and hypothesising'. No one really knows for sure where the truth lies and what the future holds when it comes to the environmental impacts of plundering the world's natural resources. Whether it be catastrophic extremes of weather such as drought or flooding, rising sea levels and temperatures, acidification of the oceans and the loss of coral reefs, or other irreplaceable ecosystems, the need to revise our approach to the incessant consumption of the planet's natural resources appears increasingly urgent.
The concept, named Ground H2 zer0, is an inviting and seductive public space that simulates our innate connection to water and its ability to nourish the soul. But it is also a space designed to educate with an inherent thought-provoking message that is revealed gently at first, but then hits like a sudden storm to be delivered with great drama and effect.
Key Features
1. Robot Aquarium
2. Flooded Steps Cascade
3. Flooded Wall Cascade
4. Rain Garden Filter Beds
5. Sub-Aqua Void
6. Tensile Wire Lattice Canopy
7. Living Wall
8. Coral Garden
9. Aquarium Terrace
10. Sub-aqua Glazed Lift Shaft


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